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Good cape. Substantial construction
By Amazon Customer on April 28, 2016

"Good cape. Substantial construction. Didn't give it 5 stars only because the clear screen portion fogs up relatively quickly when clients put their hands in with their devices. Only during very hot days, though."


Five Stars
By Amazon Customer on April 27, 2016



A must have for any hair salon.
By Janet L. Berglund on April 7, 2016

"I was very pleasantly suprised with the quality and usefulness of this cape. As a hairstylist I need a cape to be protective and comfortable and this hits all the marks. What a great idea to help allow your customers to surf their tablets or phone without having to worry about getting hair on them or haircolor. I would recommend this to every hairdresser and as I have been sharing it with my customers they all love the trendy idea of it and agree it's fabulous!"


Five Stars
By Amazon Customer on April 6, 2016

"Product comes as advertised and is great quality"


It was so awesome. We were all laughing and demonstrating it on ...
By Amazon Customer on March 15, 201

"I saw this icape on the Today Show.. They actually put it on and demonstrated how it works. I went on line and ordered one for my daughter who is a hairstylist..It arrived in 3 days....I brought it to her while she was doing a customer. She never heard of it. We tried it on her customer. It was so awesome. We were all laughing and demonstrating it on her customer. She loves it and it has created a comfortable place for customers phones . It is of good quality silky material and has nice snaps and size is very roomy.. I would highly recommend it to any cosmetologist."


It works perfectly for me!
By Janee on March 4, 2016

"I do my own sons haircuts because it is cheaper for me to do it. I purchased the red iCape in order to test it out with them so they can sit still while cutting their hair. They have their devices and would use it but the first time I used the cape, I actually had them read a book. The pouch is big enough to put their paperback books and turn the pages. They were content to read while I cut their hair. It worked out perfectly so they are not just using their devices all the time.

I really like the buttons up top and the ability to position them right to fit little necks also. The material is light so there wasn't any complaining about being too hot. There were no complaints of itchy necks also, so that is a plus!

I recommend it to everyone, especially moms!"


Great product. I'm not a fan of making small ...
By krista on February 20, 2016

"Great product. I'm not a fan of making small chat with my hairstylist so I'm glad my salon uses this. I can glance at my phone during my cut and still adjust my head when my stylist needs to get a perfect cut."


Best Salon Cape - The ultimate cape for all your clients or home use
By Jeanette McDon February 18, 2016

"This is the ultimate cape for home users, salons. Actually I really wish all salons had this. Here is what sets this aside from all other capes. There is an see thru pocket that the client can slide their phone or ipad under the cape and play on their phone or tablet while getting their hair done. All without getting hair or dyes on it. this has a multitude of snaps so it is extremely adjustable in the neck.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review and opinion. I like many others also rely on reviews when I purchase items and this review is based on my personal opinion of the product. Please click "yes" if you found my review helpful in determining where or not to purchase."


Good purchase
By whooptyliz on February 11, 2016

"Shipping came early. I haven't used it yet but it's plenty big and seems of good quality. It has plenty of snaps at the neck for size adjustment. I plan on using it on my 4 and 9 yr old as well as my boyfriend"


Four Stars
By Amazon Customer on January 8, 2016

"Really nice n hole for headphones!"


Great for business!!
By NSquardon December 21, 2015

"Husband uses it at his barbershop! Customers, especially children, love the see through area for access to phones and/or tablets!"


Very smart product for kids or even adults who can't sit ...
By Nurse Emily on December 4, 2015

"Very smart product for kids or even adults who can't sit still for long periods of time. High quality material should last awhile.
I haven't washed it, because I haven't needed to even after using it. Hair falls right off as intended. 

I have even used this on myself while cutting my own hair and it worked great."


Five Stars
By rob webb on November 18, 2015



This is great for those people who are always on their phone ...
By carrie on November 14, 2015

"Whoever thought of this idea is a GENIUS! This is great for those people who are always on their phone while getting their hair done. This works great for those. No more moving arms in and out to check their phones. This is a great high quality cape like all others. Material is light weight and breathable. Snap closure neck is great. Window is made of a clear plastic that is easy to see thru and lets you have full access to your phone. You can even use the touch screen thru the window plastic. It is like a pocket that you can rest your phone inside so it stays put. It is a very large pocket so I am thinking it will even hold a tablet. I found no irregularities in the material or stitching and seems to be very high quality.

I give this 2 THUMBS UP! Such an amazing cape. All cosmetologists need these in their life. Such a great item. I need to add that this cape is pretty long, at 44"x 68"

I received this hair cutting cape for free for testing and reviewing purposes. This is my honest unbiased opinion and have come to it by using the cape myself."


Use your tablet while getting a haircut
By Johny Tech Reviewer TOP 100 REVIEWER on November 4, 2015

HD Vid: 

"Please watch my video for the full review

- Good fabric that hair doesn't stick to
- Tablet window is big enough to fit bigger 12" tablet
- You can stick your hand inside and use it, or use it outside through the touch transfer protector
- Missing a zipper/door to close the tablet compartment, run into risk of dropping your tablet if you do not remove it prior to taking cape off.

Overall it's not a bad idea but execution could be done a little bit better as this big open compartment will lead you to drop your tablet eventually. I see this as a as home product as I don't feel like too many professional will be using this at their shop. Perhaps their kids customer will like it.

Please note a retail unit of this product was sent to me for a fair and honest review."


Five Stars
By Kenneth Gaither on October 9, 2015

"Love it"


Super-smart Salon Cape!
By Claire Jordan TOP 100 REVIEWER VINE VOICE on September 26, 2015

"This is a really smart idea! If you have customers who are surgically attached to their smart phones or tablets you can let them keep it with them from the shampoo basin to blow dry and never have to worry that you might get their device wet or splashed with chemicals. Nice! The pocket is deep enough for an ipad and has a port for a headphone cable. You can use your touchscreen through the clear plastic window and you can see the screen perfectly. If you do have an ipad in it you'll want to hang on to the device and not just let it hang in the pocket of the cape because it can weigh down the cape and pull on your neck a bit, but anyone using it should be able to figure that out pretty quickly.

Other than the smart-pocket this is exactly the same as most other professional-quality capes. What a great idea!

PS - Writing reviews has become an accidental hobby for me, and it always makes my day to know that people find my reviews helpful (and if not, why.) Also, if you have any questions, clarifications, or comments please feel free to leave a comment below. I usually respond pretty quickly and almost always within 24 hours. This item was provided for review consideration.

Cheers, Claire"


His customers love it.
By tia on March 26, 2015

"My boyfriend uses this when cutting hair. His customers love it."


Great for customers that are always on their phones/tablets!
By Ryan Macaoay on March 6, 2015

"Works well! When cutting children's hair, the kids sit still and play their little games. I recommend this for those who cut clients that are always on their phone/tablet. My clients love it!"


Five Stars
By gj del toro on February 24, 2015



worry not lady stylists
By Kamakui on February 15, 2015

"Cool concept but in a barbershop with lots of lady barbers this is perfect to keep those creeps being a meat beater in the chair! It happens people?"


Brilliant Idea
By gary gregorio on February 5, 2015

"Brilliant Idea my customers love it"


... guys in the shop are jealous because his clients LOVE this!
By Amber beach on January 24, 2015

"My husband is a barber and all the guys in the shop are jealous because his clients LOVE this!!! Very good quality"



"My clients love this cape! Thank you so much!"


By tameka miller on January 18, 2015

"My husband luvs it!!"


Five Stars
By Laurie on December 25, 2014

"Very nice"


fast shipping, love it
By Stacey Behrens on December 13, 2014

"Fast shipping love it"


Four Stars
By Brandon Bennett on November 14, 2014

"Cool cape for the customers but threads are starting to tear around the window"


They were very pleased and it arrived promptly
By Milagros on November 5, 2014

"It was a gift for someone. They were very pleased and it arrived promptly."


Five Stars
By Jose Soto on October 29, 2014

"Very very good Cape exactly what I was looking for"


Four Stars
By Naz on October 24, 2014



By forker on October 24, 2014

"Fast shipment. My clients enjoy using this cape"


By Lysette on October 23, 2014

"Bought it for my husband that's a barber & his customers love it. Fast on time shipping. Definitely buying another one soon!!!!"


Five Stars
By Jesus Zazueta on October 15, 2014

"Definitely recommend, just plain and simple."


Five Stars
By cesar on July 21, 2014

"very nice icape"


Five Stars
By colleen mcdanniel elliott on July 17, 2014

"I love it, & my clients love it!
Wish it came in more colors"


Wonderful product
By Martin Dinh on July 7, 2014

"I love this. The design is very nice and the material isn't too hot. Definitely recommend it!!"


Glad I found this
By N. H. on August 20, 2013

"I just need a cape for family haircuts at home, and this fits the bill. The material isn't very thick or plastic so it won't make my kids sweat underneath (it also probably isn't waterproof but that wasn't a factor for me). The back is not full length, but it goes down far enough since I always have them seated. I am thrilled that it has the window (it's actually a pocket on the inside with a window on the front) so my son can be entertained with the ipad while I cut his hair. I have trouble getting him to look down when I want to cut the back because he's usually watching tv. There's also a tiny pocket with a hold next to the window that I assume is for cords to come through in case you need to plug something in(?) Doubt I'll be using that. I do wish it had been a bit cheaper, but hopefully it will last as long as I need it to since I won't be using it a ton."


Good Product
By Marcus on May 30, 2013

"It works pretty well. Many clients enjoy it. It could be a bit longer because when you put your ipad or device closer to your face it does pull the entire cape up your legs. But it was a good purchase and has been"

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