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Introduced in 2009, iCape® is the original haircutting cape that keeps your customers connected and their devices clean and dry. Customers will relax knowing they can text, email, or surf when getting their hair styled. And you will get a whole new way to connect with your customers. 

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iCape introduction video - image of girl using mobile phone to find salon with iCape

Featured on the NBC Today Show

"Here's a scenario that might sound familiar: You're in the salon chair getting beautified when your phone suddenly starts to buzz. Who's texting? You have no idea, because you're completely trapped by the plastic cape holding your hands hostage.

If you know this situation all too well, then listen up. A new invention, aptly named the iCape, will allow you to text, play a game or even take a phone call while getting a trim thanks to a transparent piece of plastic in the cape." 

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NBC Today Show Video - Red iCape Used By Savannah Guthrie

Your Customers Don't Have to be Cut-off When You Cut Their Hair

We live in a connected world. Our smartphones are the windows into our personal and professional lives. It's no surprise that we check our phones more than 150 times a day...that's once every seven minutes.

Today, however, salon time is down time. Haircuts are messy and smartphones, iPads and wearables are expensive, so customers feel compelled to keep them safe, clean and dry in their pockets, purses, briefcases or backpacks. But that leaves your customers feeling disconnected and left out.
Over the shoulder, close up view of phone through SmartWindow in iCape with headphones attached through CordCover

Build Stronger Customer Relationships and Attract New Ones

iCape® by Capemakers is the original hair cutting cape that keeps your customers connected. Now they can text, email, or surf when getting their hair styled, all while keeping devices safe, clean and dry.

Finally you can build even stronger relationships with your customers now that they can easily show you photos of their families, friends or favorite hairstyles. From discussing breaking news to sharing the latest celebrity gossip to talking about what’s trending on Twitter, iCape enables you to have an entirely new kind of conversation with your customers.
And for those quiet times, now your customers can turn a cut-and-color into productive time. Enable them to reach out to friends and family, stay in touch with the office or start listening to that audiobook they just downloaded. Keep your customers connected and keep your customers.

For salons and stylists who want to attract and retain the next generation of clientele to grow their businesses, the iCape delivers a delightful, differentiated customer experience. Your customers don't have to go dark when they're getting highlights.

Kids Can Cut Loose, Too

If you cater to kids, or do home haircuts, the iCape offers peace of mind for parents when sharp scissors are nearby. Young children can play games while you cut their hair safely and quickly with minimal movement. 

Active children slow down and hold still when they're engaged with a game or watching a show. The iCape lets you cut kids' hair faster and more safely, which means more revenue and bigger tips.
Young girl in iCape holding tablet and playing game through SmartWindow

Patented Features in a Quality Cutting Cape

The iCape was thoughtfully designed to deliver a delightful salon and barbershop experience. Now in its second generation, iCape's unique, patented design features a large window for smart phones and tablets, versatile lightweight crinkle nylon, adjustable neck snap closure and is easy to care for. 

At 44 x 68 inches, iCape is extra-long to keep clothes covered and the Teflon treatment resists water, stains and wrinkles. iCape is currently available in black and red. 
Over the shoulder, close up view of phone through SmartWindow in iCape with headphones attached through CordCover
Over the shoulder, close up view of tablet through SmartWindow in iCape


A perfectly sized, crystal clear window makes it easy to use any smart phone, large tablet or wearable while keeping it safe, clean and dry. 
Close up of tablet sliding into PrivacyPouch in the back of iCape


Don’t expose customers to unwanted glances. iCape features a privacy panel behind the window. Sewn on three sides, the panel forms a spacious pouch customers put devices in while keeping curious eyes out. 
Close up of client passing headphones through CordCover in iCape.


Pass headphones through the protected CordCover to listen to music, audiobooks or watch videos. 
Close up of iCape embroidery and SmartWindow

Easy to Use

To help customers know what to do, instructions are beautifully but subtly embroidered right on the iCape. “Text, surf or share from the chair. iCape keeps screens clean.” is right below the SmartWindow and a small headphones icon appears below the CordCover.
Close up of care instructions for iCape by Capemakers.

Easy to Care For

iCape is easy to care for. Like most fine haircutting capes, it's machine washable and air-dries quickly.

Quality Guaranteed

The iCape is made with the finest materials and workmanship. Capemakers will replace the product free of charge for six months from the date of purchase, if the material or manufacture is defective. Simply return the product to Capemakers with the sales receipt for replacement.

iCape is Highly Rated on Amazon

Salon owners, stylists, barbers and customers love the iCape. View all their testimonials here. 
Video review of iCape being used by client.
“I love it. It’s fantastic. I actually had about 7 emails, I could’ve used another 10 minutes in the chair…it’s a fantastic product. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to use it.” 
Video review of iCape being used by client.
“This is very cool…I could show her pictures. I couldn’t do that before. It’s one of those ideas that’s so simple, you wonder why this hasn’t happened yet.”
Video review of iCape being used by client.
“Well, the fact that you can actually sit here and not have to do all of this… and risk getting dirty. I think this is great.”

Try iCape at a Stylist Near You!

Thousands of salons and barbershops now use iCape. If you’re looking to try iCape during your next haircut or salon treatment, click the "Try iCape" button below to find a salon or barbershop near you that offers iCapes. 

For salons and barbershops that offer iCapes, please  join our directory. Simply click the "Join the Directory" button below, fill in your information and help new, prospective clients near you try iCape at your salon or barbershop. As an added bonus, after joining the directory you will receive a promo code for 15% off your next iCape purchase.

The Perfect Product to Help Beauty Wholesalers and Retailers Stand Out 

If you would like to differentiate your catalog or beauty supply store offerings, consider carrying iCape. iCape comes in a beautiful, environmentally friendly, recyclable cardboard package with built-in shelf-hanger. A large open knock-out on the front of the box displays the color and enables your customers to feel the high quality fabric. 

Want to try iCape first? Place a test order. Contact Capemakers’ distributor support for minimum order quantities and details. 
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